About us

Bad Barts Manzanillo is waterlove. Here in Talamanca, Costa Rica there are many forms of water to love. The Caribbean sea, rainforest creeks, tropical lagoons, mighty rivers, huge tide pools, mirror flat seas, monster sized surf, gentle glassy waves, swollen quebradas, blue crystal clear water.

Some of the best ways to see and experience these waters are diving and kayaking.
Bad Barts Manzanillo specializes in teaching and guiding adventures in diving and kayaking. We’re devoted to adventures.
Every day we paddle out to sea and up and down creeks, rivers, streams and lagoons.
We know where to take you for the best harmony of conditions and abilities
– even if you have never been diving or kayaking before.

Are you experienced? We know adventures that will thrill even the most jaded. You will soon share our enthusiasm and love for the waters
of Talamanca and the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, for they are among the most beautiful in the world.

We are located in the heart of the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.
The village of Manzanillo is at the end of Costa Rica’s coastal road south, surrounded by marine and forest wilderness.
Our eco-home and office are constructed out of sustainable materials including beams and pearling made of recycled cars, not endangered hardwoods.
We grow over a dozen kinds of fruits and our 1000 meter lot is full of trees. We have a complete septic tank system and capture rainwater.
Our business is family owned.

From our headquarters on the beach, dugouts and small fiberglass pangas take divers out to more than 100 sites, from shallow coral gardens to massive vertical walls. Kayakers paddle out to three jungle creeks full of wildlife and to kilometers of reef starting meters off the beach. We are on a large lagoon where children swim and you can scuba dive or snorkel in only three feet of water and see fish and corals. The deep reefs and sandy beach breaks provide great waves for kayak surfing with waves for all levels including “I could never surf”. Our dive and kayak instruction takes place in the lagoon, in water you can stand up in, steps away. The beach is world class, drenched in green and full of wildlife, much better than a postcard!

Anyone can paddle up a flat rainforest creek and everyone loves meeting the residents of the rainforest. Kingfishers, parrots, sloths, toucans, monkeys and much more are commonly spotted playing in the groves of ancient huge trees. Turtles, tarpon, snook, basilisk lizards, otters and others swim in the same waters as your kayaks. You can bring your camera in our super stable sea kayaks for some amazing and impressive jungle shots and beach lagoon modeling. The rainforest will leave you charged and ready for the sea, only a few strokes away. With more than 380 species of birds, thousands of kinds of butterflies, countless trees, fruits and flowers, a fascinating selection of mammals, amazing sounds and delicious fragrances, no man-made attraction can even come close.

For more of the same on a grader scale we offer guided trips downstream on many local rivers.
The class I to III rapids start a two hour drive out of the refuge in the indigenous territories of the Talamanca highlandss.
We will learn of the traditional culture of the original inhabitants of the Talamanca, enjoy excellent views, spot wildlife and may even stop in
Parque Amistad, Panama for a riverside lunch. An incredible all day trip.

The unbelievable biodiversity does not stop with the forest. A few paddle strokes will carry you over Caribbean coral reefs.
Angelfish, parrot-fish, triggerfish, snapper and jack are a few of the almost 500 species of fish that can be seen from your kayak without even getting wet.
Glide over brain coral, fire coral, sheet coral, lettuce coral and star coral and more than 40 other species. Slide into the water with a mask and fins, and tow your own kayak like a balloon. You will see more of the reef than you thought possible, with your own boat overhead everywhere you go.

Whatever your abilities and whatever the conditions, we will help you experience to the fullest the amazing biodiversity and fascinating
culture of Costa Rica’s most preserved canton, Talamanca, and its coastal gemstone, the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge.

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